• 1" Ball Valve Kit with Silicone Gaskets and Tri Clamps for Moonshine Stills


    This is a 1" Bore Ball Valve 'Kit'. 

    This kit comes with everything you need to connect the ball valve to your existing system.

    Parts list for this kit are as follows:

    • (1) 1" Bore Ball Valve with 1.5" Tri Clamp Fittings
    • (2) 1.5" Single Hinge Tri Clamps
    • (2) 1.5" Silicone Gaskets

    This ball valve has a 1" bore, with 1.5" tri clamp fittings on each end. Ball valves are used to control flow rates, and are best used on pump outlets and vessle returns like mash tun sparge or vorlauf returns. 

    The tri clamps are single hinge, and are used to connect two 1.5" tri clamp style connections. The tri clamps are rated for a maximum of 300 psi @ 250° F. 

    Both the ball valve and tri clamps are made from 304 food grade stainless steel, and meet all of today's sanitary standards. 

    The gaskets included in this kit are peroxide cured silicone gaskets, which are great for long term sealing at high temperatures. They are alcohol resistant and will not leach into alcohol or change the flavor in any way.