• 10" Bolted High Pressure Clamps SS304 for Tri Clamp, Tri Clover Fittings


    Bolted High Pressure Clamps 10" SS304 for Tri Clamps/Tri Clover Fittings

    These high pressure are used to connect two 10" tri clamp/tri clover style connections. They are secured with two SS304 bolts, locks washers and brass hex nuts. The bolts, lock nuts and brass hex nuts can be replaced easily as needed. These clamps are manufactured from 304 food grade stainless steel, and meet all of today's sanitary standards for sanitary fittings.

    At 70 F, these clamps are rated for maximum pressure of 200 PSI.

    At 250 F, these clamps are rated for maximum pressure rating of 125 PSI.