1.5" Tri Clamp 20 Mesh Screen Gasket

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These Viton Screen gaskets are a practical purchase for anyone doing closed loop BHO extractions as these gaskets are food grade and recognized as safe and sanitary.

Viton is capable of withstanding high temperatures while retaining its good mechanical properties, and is better at it then most other elastomers. The oil and chemical resistance are virtually unaffected by elevated temperatures, and the compounds remain relatively elastic up to temperatures of 400F degree (204C) and down -40F (-40C).

The mesh screen is made from 316 stainless steel. the stainless steel mesh screen supports a temperature up to 400F. The screen is woven, it it can be rolled, bent and put back in place with your bare hands. Screen gaskets are great for using with an oil extractor, as it keeps the plant matter from entering your final product.

Remember, when sizing the mesh screen for your filtration that the higher the number mesh the more strands per inch, i.e, 150 mesh=150 strands across 1 inch.