• 15.5 Gallon Beer Keg Moonshine Still with built in lid and 2" copper whiskey column

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    This 15.5 gallon stainless steel beer keg moonshine still has a 2" copper whiskey column with a built in copper liebig condenser and a 3" commercial thermometer. The column is 2" in diameter x 12" tall. There is a 4" clamp on lid that you can open to clean out the keg. The liebig condenser has a 1/2" inner pipe and a 3/4" outer pipe. The length of the condenser is 24". The cooling water connections are 5/8" OD so a 5/8" garden hose will fit them perfectly. The condenser is connected to the column by a 1/2" copper union. There is also a 2" tri clamp and gasket and a 2"x4" adapter with tri clamp and gasket for attaching the column to your still. This still boiler and column are polished to a medium luster. You can disconnect the column in seconds with no mess. All of our copper heads and columns are Tig welded using Food Grade DHP copper welding rods. This means that the welds are as strong or stronger than the surrounding metal. This DHP copper rod melts at around 1,700°F while the Solder that our competitors use melts at around 400°F. Solder joints are not nearly as strong as our welds, plus solder is messy and runs and gets all over the metal, while our welds are tight, clean and pretty. This still also has a 1" drain valve. This still also comes with a book, "Moonshine" Matthew B Rowley. Chapters include: "Equipment; Ingredients; The Process; Fundamentals of Distilling; Operating a Pot Still; Whiskeys; Grain-Based Recipes; Rums and Washes; Sugar-Based Recipes; Now That You've Made It; Moonshine-Based Recipes."

    This still has been pressure tested and is guaranteed to have no leaks.

    **All beer kegs are used, so there may be some dents or dings


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