2" Stainless Traditional Moonshine Still Whiskey Column


This item is a 2" Column only. The boiler is not included.

This 2" Stainless Steel Pot Still Column comes with a liebig condenser and a commercial grade thermometer with a  3" face. Solid Tig welded construction which is much stronger than soldering or brazing. Includes structured cooper packing for the column. This column gives you the best of both worlds. You get the strength and durability of stainless and the flavor improving qualities of copper.

Comes with:

  • Commercial grade thermometer with a  3" face.
  • 1.5" Tri Clamp and gasket for connecting the thermometer to a still.
  • 2" Tri Clamp stainless steel ferrule connection welded to the base of the column for connecting to a still
  • 2" Tri Clamp with gasket for connecting the column to the still.
  • 2" Tri Clamp with gasket for connecting the column to the condenser.
  • Built in stainless liebig condenser.
  • 1/2" hose barb connections on the condenser for cooling water.
  • Super heavy duty construction using 308 stainless welding rod and heavy gauge 304 stainless steel.
  • 1 Roll of structured copper packing.

This item comes with a 1 year warranty which covers manufacturing defects and leaks.

This Pot still column is built to last a lifetime! Pass it down to future generations!


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