4" Copper Moonshine Still Reflux Column with Gin Basket, Sight Glass and Parrot.


This 4" Copper Reflux Still Column comes with a Dephlegmator (used to control proof) Shotgun Condenser and 2 Commercial grade 3" face thermometers. This is a triple purpose copper column. This column can be ran as a pot still column for Brandy, Moonshine, Whiskey and Bourbon or it can be ran as a reflux column for Vodka, High Proof Rum and E-85 Ethanol or you can clamp in the removable Gin Basket and produce some top notch Gin. This column comes with a Dephlegmator and a shotgun condenser. This column is capable of distilling 130 to 190 proof.

Comes with:

  • Includes a 4"x10" Gin Basket with a perforated plate and tri clamp connections.
  • The copper column is 4"x42", without the Gin Basket and 4"x52" with the Gin Basket.
  • Copper 3" Diameter shotgun condenser
  • Removable Copper Parrots Beak.
  • 4" Tri Clamp Connections for the column.
  • The copper column is polished to a medium luster.
  • 2 commercial grade thermometers with 3" face.

This item comes with a 1 year warranty which covers manufacturing defects and leaks.


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