5500 Watt Moonshine Still Controller with Electric Heating Element


This heating element and heating element controller works great for our 8 gallon and 13 gallon moonshine stills and still boilers as well as our beer keg stills up to 15.5 gallons (must have element port). You will need to attach your own plug to the power cord and wire into a 30 AMP breaker. If you are going to use this heating element controller with your own boiler your boiler will need a 2" tri clamp ferrule and a 2" tri clamp and gasket. This controller draws 25 amps @ 5500 watts 220 VAC single phase.


  • 30 Amp twist lock plug
  • 30 Amp double pole switch
  • 40 Amp SSR
  • 30 Amp panel meter
  • 12' of cord from the controller to the element box


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