8 Gallon Moonshine Still with 2" Copper Mini Flute Column & Cooling System

8 Gallon Moonshine Still with 2" Copper Mini Flute Column & Cooling System

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This still can do it all Vodka, Rum, Whiskey, E-85 Ethanol and Distilled
Water. It can be ran in pot still mode for Whiskey and Brandy, or it can be
ran in reflux mode for Vodka or E-85 ethanol. The four sight glasses in the
column let you see the reflux action. You can also use them to make sure that
your column is in full reflux. You can fire this still with a propane burner
or our 5500 watt electric heating system including controller. The reflux
column has it's own built in condenser.

This still is made with high grade, polished stainless steel, and copper using
sanitary TIG welded construction. The still boiler has carrying handles, a
fill port with tri clamp gasket and end cap, as well a port for a heating
element with a tri clamp, gasket and end cap (the heating element adapter is
sold separately).

This still also comes with:

* Top quality construction with beautifully rounded curves

* The still boiler is built from heavy gauge 304 food grade stainless steel

* Polished to a mirror finish inside and out

* Thermowell and commercial grade thermometer with 3" face

* 2" Column connection with copper reflux column

* Copper packing for column

* Reflux column will produce up to 190 proof

* Dephlegmater on column

* The 8 gallon boiler is 21.5" tall, 12-3/4" diameter, 14-1/4" diameter including the outside port

* Book

Also includes Push to Connect Condenser Cooling System

The cooling system comes with the following parts:

* 4 Push to connect male 3/8" X 1/2" female 90? adapters

* 2 Push to connect 3/8" Y's

* 2 Push to connect 3/8" needle valves

* 8' of Blue push to connect 3/8" hose

* 8' of Orange push to connect 3/8" hose

* 2 Push to connect 3/8" X 1/2" NPT female adapter

Use the blue hose for cool incoming water and orange hose for hot outgoing
water. To connect the push to connect condenser cooling system to your water
supply you can purchase a 1/2" male NPT to garden hose adapter or 1/2" male
NPT to faucet or spigot adapter from your local hardware store.

This still comes with the book, "Moonshine" bu Matthew B Rowley. Chapter's
include: "Equipment; Ingredients; The Process; Fundamentals of Distilling;
Operating a Pot Still; Whiskeys; Grain-Based Recipes; Rums and Washes; Sugar-
Based Recipes; Now That You've Made It; Moonshine-Based Recipes."

The 24 gauge copper stills that you see elsewhere on the internet are so thin
that you can take your hands and crush them like a huge beer can. The Chinese
stainless stills and the stills made from cook pots are even worse. The
stainless in them is as thin as paper. If you flip a 24 gauge copper still or
one of the cheap stainless stills with your thumb and fore finger it will make
a dent. If you punch this stainless milk can boiler with your fist, you might
break your fist but there won't be a dent. My stills and still boilers are
made from heavy gauge stainless and are built to last a lifetime.

This item comes with a 1 year warranty

Hand it Down to Future Generations!


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