• Handheld Extraction Tube Kit


    Made of SS 304, and built to be durable, our handheld extraction tubes are a great way to extract essential oils in smaller batches. The top is designed to fit most cans without an adapter and has a spray head for full saturation of materials. The material chamber comes in either 5-10 gram or 15-30 gram sizes to handle even the smallest amount of material. Our slotted chamber allows your choice of solvent to evaporate through leaving you with your oils behind. Just fill, clamp, and your ready to extract!!!!

    Our Tubes come with:

    • (1) 1.5" Spray Head Fitting
    • (1) Slotted 1.5" chamber
    • (2) 1.5" Viton Gasket
    • (2) 1.5" 150 Micron Viton Screen Gasket
    • (2) 1.5" Tri Clamps
    • (1) 15-30 gram chamber
    • (1) 5-10 gram chamber

    *WARNING* Never extract with butane or propane indoors. May cause serious injury, or even death.