Moonshine Still 30 psi Propane Burner


The Kick A Banjo Burner Plus has a 22" wide cooking surface allowing this awesome propane burner to be capable of supporting up to an 162 quart stock pot. The Bayou Classic Kick A Banjo Burner Plus has proven to be the most effective and the fastest heating propane burner on the market. The Kick A Propane Burner really didn't need improving. Simmer a small pan by turning the Kick A Banjo Burner's flame down to a small flame or TURN IT UP to a kick butt flame to heat a huge pot in no time! Leave it to Bayou Classic! The Kick A Propane Burner includes sturdy legs, a regulator kit and hose guard. The Kick A Propane Burner Plus can heat a super large pot to boiling point with ease. WE have seen it heat a 100 quart pot in just 15 minutes! Perfect propane burner for our 26 gallon moonshine stills.

Important Notice:

Please read and follow operating and trouble shooting tips before using the Banjo Burner.

The Kick A Banjo Propane Burner is a powerful high pressure cooker pulling a high volume of gas from the propane tank. The high gas volume pushes to the limit the shut-off safety features on the propane tank.