• Plastic Fermenter w/Lid, 30 Liters (8 Gallons)-With Spigot and 3-Piece Air Lock

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    Plastic Fermenter Bucket with Lid, Spigot and 3-Piece Air Lock, 30 Liters (around 30 quarts, or 8 gallons)

    Plastic Fermenter Bucket with Lid:

    • Drilled Lid with a grommet for an air lock 
    • Tight sealing lid. (If it is difficult to snap on, run the lid under hot water to temporarily soften the plastic, making it easier to snap the lid in place).
    • Plenty of head space. This eliminates the need for a blowoff tube for most big beers.
    • Integrated spigot hole. This hole is threaded, but not drilled, so if you would like to use the spigot, you will need to drill out the hole.
    • Gallon and Liter markings on the side for convenient measuring.
    • Large top opening with removable lid makes it easy to clean.
    • Stands 16.5 inches tall, and 15" wide (OD) including the handles. Interior width is 14" ID and 16" Inside Depth.

    3-Piece Airlock for Home Brewing and Distilling:

    This 3-piece airlock is the best choice for relieving gasses from your fermentation, as it comes apart extremely easily for cleaning if a blow-off occurs. All you have to do is fill to the line with boiled or sanitary water, insert into a drilled stopper or bung, and it creates a closed fermenting system that allows Co2 to escape, while not allowing air back into the container to contaminate your product.

    Italian Style Bottling Spigot:

    This Italian Style Bottling Spigot. It is made from food grade plastic, and disassembles very easily for cleaning. The outlet on this spigot is tapered to fit both a 5/16" hose or a 3/8" hose. This spigot fits into a 1" spigot hole, and packaging includes a nut and two washers to securely attach your spigot to your bottling bucket.