Wireless Refrigerant Scale with Solenoid for BHO and Other Extraction Processes, etc.

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  • Wireless unit prevents unwanted tangles in wires 

  • Easily store the remote in the body of the platform 

  • Keypad provides synchronization and zeroing 

  • Extremely accurate weight sensor 

  • Magnet on remote allows easy placement on fixtures 

  • Battery life symbol for platform and remote constantly displayed on LCD 

  • Wireless signal strength indicator conveniently displays on remote 


  • CHARGE PROGRAMMING: Allows user to program desired quantities. Before charge is complete, an alarm will sound allowing ample time to turn off refrigerant supply. 

  • PAUSE/CHARGE: This feature allows user to stop and continue charging. 

  • TANK CAPACITY PROGRAMMING: EMPTY/FULL tank feature allows user to know the amount of refrigerant in the tank at any time.