How We Got Started | Moonshine Stills

We started building moonshine stills in 2012.  Our moonshine still business has grown very quickly since we started.  We build large stills for craft distilleries and as of 4/12/17, we have distilling equipment in over 210 legal distilleries in the us and around the world.  We have sold thousands of moonshine stills to home distillers.  We also sell moonshine still columns, parts and other components for moonshine stills.  Our moonshine stills are heavy duty and built to last for generations and our customer service is excellent.   Our moonshine stills are great for preppers.  You can use them to distill water, make fuel, make antiseptic, extract medicinal oils from plants and to make beverage ethanol.  If you need a moonshine still that you can hand down to future generations, shop with us today.