26 Gallon Still with 3" Stainless Reflux Column and 11,000 Watt Heating System

26 Gallon Still with 3" Stainless Reflux Column and 11,000 Watt Heating System

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This 26 gallon still has it all! Comes with 3" Stainless reflux column, (2) 2"
element ports, for heating element adapters (adapters sold separately), tri
clamp gasket and cover plate. This boiler can also be fired with a propane
burner. The bottom of the boiler is flat and recessed.

Comes With:

3" Tri Clamp with 3" Silicone Gasket for connecting the column to a still.

Commercial 3" face thermometer.

3" Tri Clamp dephlegmator connection with 3" Tri Clamp and 3" Silicone Gasket.

Built in stainless Liebig condenser.

1/2" Hose barb connections on the condenser and dephlegmator (pre-condenser)
for cooling water.

Enough structured Copper Packing to fill the column.

Dephlegmator (pre-condenser) for increasing and controlling proof.

The column is 21" tall and the condenser is 30" long.

1.5" drain valve with down spout

Carrying handles

2" filler port with tri clamp, gasket and cap

4" column connection

Top quality construction, with beautifully rounded curves

Built from heavy gauge 304 food grade Stainless Steel

Polished to a mirror finish inside and out

Base Diameter: 19 3/4"

This Controller works great for 20 to 35 gallon stills and still boilers as
well as our beer keg stills up to 15.5 gallons (must have 2 element ports).
You will need to attach your own 60 amp 220 VAC dryer or welding plug to the
main power cord so that you can plug the controller in. If you are going to
use this heating element controller with your own boiler your boiler will need
two 2" tri clamp ferrules, two 11,000 watts 220 VAC Single Phase.

This controller includes:

(2) Ultra Low Watt Density Heating Element

(1) Variable Temperature Control

(2) 30 Amp Twist Lock Male Plugs

(2) 30 Amp Twist Lock Female Plugs

(2) Industrial Power Switches

(1) 40 Amp SSR

(2) 30 Amp 2 Pole Breakers

(1) 30 Amp Panel Meter

(2) 12' cords from the Controller to the Element Boxes

(1) Lidded enclosure

(2) Green Power On Lights